XPS Parcel provides a simple and free, shipping fulfillment software full of features, that will lower your shipping costs.
Our multiple carrier software interface removes the uncertainty and frustration involved in processing your orders.
Sign up and find your savings, today.

There are no hidden fees or gimmicks.

User Fees? We think not.

Unique in the shipping industry, our proprietary shipping software is completely free to use. NO setup charges or costs, no hidden fees or per transaction add-ons. We keep things simple. Get all of our great features without paying a single penny.

  • Free To Use- Forever

  • Unlimited Shipments

  • Unlimited Stores & Cart Integrations

  • Major Carriers

  • Live Customer Service

Looking for The LOWEST RATES?

We have them.

Keep more of your profits by reducing your cost per shipment with XPS Parcel. We pass along the very lowest rates possible for domestic shipping and international shipping.

Access your accounts with the major carriers using our proprietary software and our discount USPS rates in one place. Give up worrying and ensure you get the best shipping product and rate every time you ship.

  • Discount shipping rates
  • Lowest rates for USPS shipping and international shipping
  • Discount shipping insurance
  • Proprietary multiple carrier tool

You Want ONE log-in shipping?

We accommodate.

Our software solution simplifies and centralizes all those log-ins. We provide full API integration with a growing list of carrier partners, marketplace partners, and e-commerce stores and shopping cart platform partners- all in one central place to log-in. When we say one log-in, we mean it. Access the major carriers in real-time (in the very same place all your orders are waiting).  One-click integrate and ship directly from Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, NetSuite and others, all with a single XPS Parcel log-in.

  • Full integration with many storefronts, marketplaces and e-commerce shopping carts
  • Automated real time pull of cart order data, or simple order import
  • Compare, choose, and print carrier labels in one place
  • Automated real time push of fulfillment data back to carts
  • Multiple users and locations may log-in and work simultaneously

You Need FAST & Simple Shipping?

We’ve Got You Covered.

Our shipping software was created to streamline your shipping process. If you want to get orders out with speed, accuracy, and at low rates; XPS Parcel shipping software is for you. Once you begin importing an exporting orders and addresses, using our automated data pull and data push from and to carts, printing labels, or creating reports in seconds- you will certainly wish you had found us sooner.

  • Ship packages in moments
  • Quickly upload and sort full lists and orders
  • Flexible label printing – including pick and pack lists & other customization
  • Scale and weight integration
  • Batch or single order process/printing
  • No tedious copying and pasting addresses or form fields

This Shipping Software Is In The Cloud?

You betcha. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) is at your service.

Just like the major carriers, we provide a web-based shipping software that is easy for you to access in your browser with nothing to download. We maintain the security of our users and partner integrations plus application upgrades and technical specs and compatibility – while you focus on what you do best.

  • One-log in to all your integrated accounts in our web-based platform
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • No software to download or update, take no space on your hard drive
  • Instant, real-time access wherever you are
  • Allows for multiple users and locations, in real time

What about Real Time TRACKING?

From Start To Finish.

From the time orders are received to when the customer takes possession, and for any returns in the process – the XPS Parcel software is keeping real time tabs for you with our partner carriers. Individual package tracking only becomes a big deal when you aren’t doing it. You can log-in to the software portal at any time to check the real time transit status. We also push the information via email to your customers. We keep everyone in ‘the loop’ for you.

  • Real time tracking information automatically pushed back to you
  • Email confirmations, tracking information, and status updates along the way are pushed to your customers


You’ll love our knowledgeable and dedicated customer support team.

From simple questions to more difficult situations, all our shippers are all treated like big volume clients. It can be unforgivably hard to get through to the major carriers in a pinch, but as contractual service providers we are happy to help on your behalf. When in doubt, give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help you ship.

Our highly trained customer support is available in three convenient mediums:

  • Live Chat Support – For when a quick question comes up during business hours
  • Email Support – When you have a detailed question, tracking numbers, or info to send us
  • Phone Support – When you need to discuss technical support, billing, or have a question


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