TOTALPACK™ Customers, Welcome to XPS Parcel! Save up to 30% on Domestic Shipping & up to 60% on U.S. Inbound & Outbound Shipments!

totalpack fcebookTOTALPACK™ is now offering a special pre-negotiated benefit to our customers; greatly reduced costs for all domestic, U.S. outbound, and U.S. inbound parcel shipping.
Through the XPS Parcel shipping portal, participating TOTALPACK™ customers now receive shipping services at Fortune 100 pricing.  This special pricing will create savings up to 30% on domestic shipments and up to 60% on international shipments for participating customers!


Important highlights about this special shipping offer for TOTALPACK™ customers through XPS Parcel are:

  • TOTALPACK™ customers gain access to deep shipping discounts regardless of the size of shipping volume:
    • Savings of up to 30% on all parcel shipments within the United States.
    • Savings of up to 60% on all parcel shipments, inbound to & outbound from the United States.
  • TOTALPACK™ customers gain access to the XPS shipping portal at no charge and with no commitment or contract. Once in the XPS shipping portal you can:
    • Create a shipment. (Just as easy as using any shipping carrier website!)
    • Compare ALL the major carrier products in ONE place. (Very different than logging in to multiple websites!)
    • Choose and print your chosen carriers’ shipping label(s). (Your shipment will be handled by your carrier of choice!)
    • Schedule pickups with your carrier(s) of choice or drop your package at a handling center, just like you do now!
    • Track your packages in real time using the carrier tracking numbers.
    • Create reports for all your shipping habits in one place. Report by package type, carrier, receiver, and more!

Live Shipping Support Is Available!
As a TOTALPACK™ customer, regardless of the volume you ship, our live shipping support staff is available to help you and answer any questions! Directly from the XPS shipping portal, TOTALPACK™ customers can create their FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS shipping labels in one place!

The XPS Shipping Portal is Versatile!
XPS can accommodate any size shipper, from individuals to any size business, from 1 to an unlimited number of shipments a day. The XPS shipping portal may be accessed simultaneously by multiple locations or log-ins, inside one account for businesses! If you have multiple people on a shipping management team, distribution centers, or even multi-branch businesses, we have you covered.
Along with the XPS shipping portal for individual packages, we now offer a unique shopping cart and e-commerce software solution for online retailers and wholesalers, and for those who would like to batch multiple shipments at one time. Currently supporting most e-commerce shopping cart platforms, our shipping software also allows for a CSV file import for those who use custom shopping carts who would like to take advantage of the savings and convenience of our shipping software. Those TOTALPACK™ customers interested in the shopping cart integration can request an onboarding appointment after registering with XPS below. Our dedicated shipping technology department will walk you through set-up and answer any questions.

Welcome to your multi-carrier shipping solution with no cost to use, no contracts, and nothing to download!

“How do I begin?”
Please register here by filling out all fields to access your savings.
Your username and password will be emailed to the email address you provide during registration. Please make sure you provide a working email. The registration process takes between 15 minutes to three hours to generate your new account. If you haven’t received your username in 3 hours and need to ship something, give us a call at 1-800-407-1723.

Welcome to the XPS family!
We know you’ll enjoy the convenience and the savings!